5-metal and 7-metal hand-beaten Himalayan singing bowls. These Nepali craft are designed to produce remarkable resonance and reverberation. Visit our showroom to play & test out the range of singing bowls. Our staff will be available to guide you on the appreciation of these instruments.

Tamza Singing Bowl.jpeg


TAMZA House of Crystals and Lifestyle primarily deals with ornamental crystal and rough minerals; our current collections are mainly from South America, with other unique selections from various parts of the world.

Crystals and minerals have always been revered for their beauty, historical narratives, and archetypal significance ascribed through metaphysical meanings. Over the recent years, there is an increasing interest among people, especially of the younger generations, from various cultures and walks of life. We strongly believe in providing our clients and customers the best and most authentic products. As we deal with wholesale distributions and direct imports, we are able to offer our goods at low and competitive prices.

Come on down to our main showroom to feel, touch and have a closer look at the most alluring harvests mindfully yielded from nature. We believe in genuine engagement, so be assured of the value-added experience provided by our staff for crystal recommendations tailored to your needs. We have an extension of curated items, such as natural incense and premium essential oils, to complement your appreciation of crystals. Do like and follow our page on Instagram or Facebook (@tamzacrystals) to receive the latest updates on new items and upcoming events.