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All of our incense are 100% natural, environmentally sustainable, and of premium quality. For any purchase, please visit our showroom or contact us at Delivery can be arranged and payment method will be advised. Wholesale and retail purchases are both welcomed.

Palo Santo Sticks Premium


Can you smell the sweet, complex fragrance from the picture?

Our Palo Santo are harvested in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner. The wood are obtained from trees that die naturally; not a single tree is felled deliberately for the purpose of incense production. Our aromatic wood have high oil content that give the sticks a deep yellowish tint, a gentle wet gloss, and a strong fragrance with woody note and distinct touch of citrus. The oily component also allows the sticks to catch fire easily for burning. The quality is undeniable!

White Sage Smudge Sticks


Have you seen how gracefully the smoke dances?

In our humble effort to ensure the sustainability of the wild Sage population and also to respect Mother Nature, we have decided to make the switch to organically grown White Sage. They are free of toxic heavy metals that would otherwise irritate our throats and respiratory tract. When burnt as incense, which is a process known as smudging, the sage produces a strong aroma with an earthy flavour. It is often used as a ritual tool to cleanse a space, relieve anxiety, and enhance intuition due to the presence of a mildly psychoactive ingredient. Also, the smoke produced is known to have antimicrobial & antibacterial properties and could repel insects.

Dragon Blood Sage


An exotic touch to a familiar scent.

White Sage coated with Dragon’s Blood resin, a dark red natural plant resin. When burnt as incense, the Dragon’s Blood resin adds a touch of exotic woody, floral tone to the familiar scent of White Sage. Together with the usual effects offered by the White Sage, the fragrance produced is also effective in masking unwanted odours in your homes. Dragon’s Blood resin is often used for mediations, relaxation, and rituals to cleanse and protect spaces. Many prefer to use this smudge stick simply for the unusual, cooler look!

Blue Sage Smudge Sticks


A sweeter alternative.

Originated from North America and much respected by the native Americans, the Blue Sage is often used as a smudging tool for healing and cleansing. It is regarded as a traditional remedy to reduce stress, boost cognition, and alleviate certain mood disorders. When burnt as incense, a light herbaceous and floral fragrance is produced. For those who find the aroma of White Sage overpowering, you may like to try Blue Sage instead. Both the leaves and flowers of the Blue Sage plants are tied together in a small bundle for convenient use.

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Curated selection to complement your lifestyle.

Our selection of essential oils are sourced directly from origins with the most nourishing elements. The regions include the high altitudes of the great Himalayas, and the sacred forests of Peru. The plant materials used for distillation are either wildcrafted or from harvest that are organically grown. Quality is assured. The selection is curated in an effort to enhance our daily practice of mindfulness through the sense of smell. Feel free to visit our showroom at Sunshine Plaza, Singapore, to test them out!