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The body is a sacred vessel that enables us to experience relationships with ourselves, others, the space(s) we live in and the world at large. Physicality empowers the creator in us to transform our visions, thoughts and emotions into reality. Yet very often, we find our goals derailed by recurring distractions or challenges. Perhaps there is a need for developing healthy boundaries and taking appropriate calls to action to alleviate unnecessary stressors in our lives.

Space As A Concept

Conceptually, space can be perceived as a contrast between negative and positive, within and without, inhabited and uninhabited. More relatable, space may be perceived as us, the physical occupants in our living spaces. And more personally, a Safe Space can be a place or being in someone’s company where one finds it impossible to be anything else but their authentic selves. It can also be the therapeutic activity of appreciating or creating works of art.

How do we then understand it more than a concept and to apply it practically in our lives?

Not just an idea, at TAMZA, we explore space as an invaluable asset; both tangible and intangible. Our space serves cohesive visual therapy with a play of different colors, textures, structures, and sizes of crystals and minerals.

An air of calm is endowed by the soothing rhythmic flow of the background audio. If you listen closely, you may observe the subtle sounds of water flow and the occasional spirited chimes of our antique clock. The nature of fluid spontaneity runs through our physical space. How crystals are mindfully arranged sets the mood which pleasantly piques the minds and hearts of our visitors.

A way to understand and to further actualize the concept of a Safe Space is to perceive ornamental crystals and minerals in our living spaces as not merely commodities. And as discussed in our first article, crystals are natural elements sourced from living ecosystems of Mother Nature. Due to their stable atomic structures that emit harmonious electromagnetic frequencies, crystals are coherent consciousnesses imbued with archetypal properties immortalized into solidity.

Certainly, there are ways to mindfully transform a space of stagnation or passivity into a true living space that we delight residing in; a space where we seamlessly reset our thoughts and emotions as sentient beings.

The Relevance & Kick-Starting of Safe Spaces

Safe spaces bring upon feelings of safety, comfort and a sense of belonging. This includes our home spaces, that are implicitly tied in tandem to the state of our internal sense of wellbeing. A definitive pattern can be observed through the lens of the stressful person that comes home daily to a cluttered environment, whereas a clean tidy room with pleasantly engaging interior enables the self-aware workaholic to disengage, recharge and rejuvenate.

Therefore, before we may begin to recreate a conducive living space, it is required to declutter the mind and living space as a start of bringing in an alleviated psychological sense of wellness.

One challenge that impedes the impetus of making positive changes is often the lack of motivation. Because our energies are spent living the complexities of the urban lifestyle. We may however look inwards, into our internal safe space, to bring awareness to feelings of resistance towards change, to our emotions and thoughts connected to habits or ongoing/recurring situations that require resolve.

Essentially, having the right crystals in place that energetically spurs us into kick-starting healthy lifestyle habits serves to tangibly offset the chaos experienced internally, such as self-doubt, anxiety, tension, frustration and lack of sense of belonging. As we recreate and strengthen our psychological safe spaces, this creates the impetus for us to make the much needed changes to our external environment and circumstances that we face.

Overlaying Display Crystals For Holistic Wellness

The range of perceptible feelings through sensations and emotions, or the lack of, readily feedback the level of awareness within oneself, of people we interact with and spaces we occupy. 'Safe spaces' also refer to the state of internal constitution of our thoughts, emotions and physical wellbeing.

'Waves of Change' by Aaron Toh - chalk on plywood

Apart from the five senses, consisting of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, the physical body is a highly advanced living mechanism that highlights how one’s gut readily interprets signals received from the environment. We are sentient beings that do not just thrive physically, but also through emotionally and mentally fulfilling experiences. Our senses readily expand and open up to experiences that are interpreted as positive, and contract otherwise.

Simply put, the state of emotions that one frequently experiences represent the state of coherence or disorder within oneself. Emotions are generated by the meaning or mental projection of narratives and interpretations given to our experiences. They are simply indicators to whether situations or states of being are desired, or if undesired, requires conscious awareness and changes made. It is imperative to build safe spaces that we feel empowered to self-regulate back to neutrality, and to recreate from within high frequency sensations of peace, joy and love.

The ability to authentically align our positive thoughts and feelings with actions lead to manifesting desired outcomes; such as family harmony, aligning with a compatible life or business partner, landing in one’s dream job, and breaking through outdated narratives of oneself.

And tangibly so, feelings of the lower frequency such as fear, guilt and stress tend to build seemingly infallible energetic walls that impede us from creating the reality and experiences that we want. But when addressed and rectified, this obstructs the perpetuating patterns of dissonance, even conditions chronic in nature, to enable consistent streams of fresh positive thoughts and the discipline towards beneficial habits to be created.

So how then does the role of the Mineral Kingdom fit into the lifestyle of creating Safe Spaces, that in turn nurture and catapult us toward our goals?

Crystals, from their fundamental mineral constitutions, size and aesthetics, carry a myriad of psychological and energetic properties. The traits of each crystal are unique to each specimen, even within the same crystal or mineral type. The role crystals play is that of a coherent electromagnetic or energetic transmitter for our Safe Spaces; also taking into consideration the size of crystals. Our senses through the body’s electromagnetic field ‘pick up’ on the energetic properties of the crystals, shifting the body’s electromagnetic field from a state of stress into ease.

In a crystal-enhanced Safe Space, the properties or frequencies of each crystal display layer up with the properties of other specimens, thereby kindling the intended emotional, symbolic or idealized qualities suited to a designated living area. Imagine from an energetic perspective, how these coherently beneficial frequencies project out of each crystal, like a melodious symphony, forming a unified spatial field of influence; an experience that can only be truly appreciated by taking residence within a mindfully curated space!

Distinctive qualities or purposes can be set for our Safe Spaces; whether it be peace and rejuvenation, harmony, emotional wellness, focus and concentration, inspiration and creativity, the list of possibilities are endless!

There are certainly activities with crystals such as journaling and meditation that assist us to perceive better the nuances offered by our Mineral Kingdom. The active interfacing with crystals also enables one to cultivate a more positive inner dialogue, when we begin to use them to become aware and attuned with our thoughts, emotions and belief systems. Awareness is often enough to catalyze healing from within, by holding the space for the parts of ourselves that needed understanding and presence, but instead were judged, rejected, disowned and unsupported by others and ourselves growing up. From the coherence or stability we feel emotionally, we can reframe our perspectives to consciously step out of our own way and become much more confident and empowered in the pursuit of our goals.

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