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Excerpt from article, as translated by Miyabi K, @aurora.lune.k :
<< When we spoke with Kheyton of "TAMZA House of Crystal & Lifestyle" we got to know that the crystal/power stone market in Singapore have been continuously expanding after the period of rapid growth it witnessed in the 80s to 90s.

Kheyton takes on the role of a “doctor of heart matters” and listens to customers who consult him about work, romance and financial concerns. It is said when it comes to selecting crystals, it is important to “understand/recognize the state of one’s spirit/mind/heart(氣・ki)*”. For example, there are cases where customers were looking for crystals to help them sleep better or to relieve stress, but the issues were actually caused by interpersonal relationships at work. Due to the hectic daily lifestyle and stresses, many people surprisingly do not realize the true cause of what is bothering them. Crystals work differently according to their placement, but it seems like they can nudge one to face their own 氣(ki) state. “Many customers are from the younger generation like myself who tend to be religion-free and are interested in improving their own spirituality.” It's also interesting that "people who first come to the store to improve their fortune end up looking for crystals that are beneficial to their happiness, rather than for money”.

For Kheyton’s grandparent’s generation, it was more common to live according to the religious code of conduct of “not missing daily prayers”. On the other hand, modern youths such as Kheyton, tend to distance themselves from being tied down to religious beliefs and their code of conduct. Despite the different ways of the old and new generations in their practices to better one’s 氣(ki), it seems that these practices are indispensable for the people of Singapore to reach their happiness and maintain a healthy mind and body. >>

*氣(ki) – Japanese for spirit, mind, heart as well as energies.

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