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Selenite is a crystallised form of natural gypsum, which is a soft mineral formed over 100 million years ago. Satin Spar is the particular variant that we offer. They are fibrous and the parallel crystal habit behaves like optical fibres that transmit light along its axis. As light passes through the selenite, the translucency and striations of the crystal interplay to exhibit a breath-taking chatoyancy.

We provide selenite lamps that are carved entirely out of the natural mineral. The bulb and its holder are kept out of sight within the crystal. The illumination from the lamps helps us visualise the sense of purity and angelic auric field of selenite. The comforting glow rejuvenates the tired minds, liberates our beings from persistent burdens, and relaxes oneself from the daily stressors of life.

Selenite is traditionally known for its high vibrational frequency that helps one connect to his/her higher level of consciousness. It is often associated with angelic energy. The mere presence of the crystal cleanses the aura of the environment and individuals within the physical space.